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Bell covers - tenor horns, french horns

Bell covers - tenor horns, french horns


Double-layered instrument bell covers for brass and woodwind instruments


As endorsed by the NSW Band Association.


Following collaborative work on physical distancing between NSW Health and the NSW Band Association, it is recommended that instrumentalists use tailored barriers, or bell covers, to mask droplets when playing.


Current performing arts aerosol studies have shown that barriers are known to reduce aerolsol transmission and do not interfere with playing or sound quality.


These elasticised covers provide a 'mask' to aerosols. Each cover is a double-layer of spandex fabric that stretches over the bell. As with face masks, multiple layers have been found to be more effective at blocking small particles than single layers. The double layering creates a denier rating of 140+, well in excess of (single layer) 70 denier nylon fabrics, and is recommended by the study results.



  • Covers the bell of woodwind and brass instruments

  • Creates a barrier for droplets and germs

  • Is machine washable for repeat use and is lightweight

  • Easy on/off with built-in elastic designed to minimize air leakage

  • Sizes range from cornets, clarinets to tubas

  • Minimal effect on the sound of instruments

  • Minimal dB reduction

  • Suits students, bands and teachers

The colours available are black or white. Price is $15.95 each plus P & H in Australia. Please allow 14 - 21 days for delivery.


Bell covers are recommended for increased assurance against COVID-19 transmission for brass and wind players and are endorsed by BANSW.

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