2022 NEW RELEASE: THE MOUSE'S HOUSES by Diana Smith and Kris Lauren
Children's fiction &
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The Mouse's Houses
Children's fiction, cover and design
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About the Book

This is a delightful children's story about three little mice who get into trouble, then somehow manage to fix a family dilemma.
Set with beautiful, hand-coloured illustrations by Kris Lauren,

this is fun to read and explore with youngsters and is sure to nuture a love for the natural world.

Cover design & typesetting
Wearing the Green, 2019
Wearing the Green
by Elizabeth Edwards
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I used Diana Smith of Boutique Photos and Design for the final editing, cover design and layout of illustrations for my book. The results have been a book going to print as an outstanding presentation. Thank you Diana. I will be approaching you to work on my next book due out in August 2022.

Michael Rhodes, Author

Lion Rampant, Duncan Dunbar and the Age of Sail

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Diana Smith supported the publishing journey of my recent book of poems and images.  She was responsible for the design and assembly of my website, the cover of my book,  the perfection of its layout at a later stage, and made numerous helpful suggestions along the way.  She proved herself to be a very creative person in her own right, with a striking feel for colour. In all, she helped me get over years of procrastination in the field of publicity and marketing.

Diana Bell Brooks Author and Poet

Ten Fabled Landscapes, The Rebels of Journeys End and

The Fortune Bird

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